Conservative Jewish Community in Warsaw, Poland
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Fri 7 PM / Sat 10:30 AM

Service times:

Fri 7 PM: Kabbalat Shabbat, Maariv

Sat 10:30 AM: Shacharit

Sat  6:03 PM: Havdalah

This week’s services:

Parshah: Beha'alotcha (בהעלתך)

Services led by: Avigail Smoczyńska

Candle lighting time: 8:36 PM

About Masorti Polska Ki Tov

Masorti Centrum Ki Tov is a Conservative Jewish Community initiated by former Beit Polska Members, in Warsaw’s heart. 

For many years there were plans to increase Beit Warszawa’s activities in central Warsaw. In November 2015 ten Beit Polska Members announced their wish to form a Warsaw Centre community. Beit Centrum Ki Tov opened its doors in Warsaw’s heart on 1st Nisan 5776 (8th April 2016), near four other Synagogues (Chabad, Orthodox, Gregorian and non-affiliated Reform). Beit Warszawa is 10 km from the centre.

Soon after our November announcement, supported by 3 Rabbis and Severyn Aszkenazy (main Beit Warszawa sponsor), we started to organise. The 3 room premises were easily found. David Sarnat in the USA heard our Sefer Torah request and passed our emotional plea to Samuel M. Bernstine, President of Temple Hadar Israel, Newcastle, Pennsylvania. In Early March the Temple Board agreed to donate a Sefer Torah which had travelled to the USA from Poland a 111 years ago. During Purim celebrations the Scroll was carried across the States to Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak in Los Angeles. Then our Rabbi brought the gift to Warsaw. The Scroll was greeted by Beit Warszawa and spent its 1st Shabbat in Poland nestling between two Sifrei Torah.

Meanwhile, together with Zivah Nativ, we were furnishing, koshering and preparing our Italian Style Synagogue for our Sefer Torah’s homecoming.

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Purim with Ki Tov with 5783

פורים עם כי טוב 5783

Purim, the most joyful Jewish holiday, begins on the evening of Monday, 6 March. Join us for some Purim fun, delicious hamantashen and other snacks, the traditional shpiel, and more. The party starts at 6 p.m. on Monday, 6 March. Costumes are very much encouraged and admission is free of charge.

Please phone Avigail (or Joe, if you prefer English) to reserve your place and get the address.

14 Adar

י"ד אדר

Yom Kippur services this week on Tuesday evening and all day on Wednesday. Check our calendar for details.

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If you are planning a visit or just have a question about our shul, let us know!

Joe Smoczyński

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Conversion to Judaism

Our Synagogue is a member of the Masorti (Traditional/Conservative) movement. We offer the possibility for conversion to Judaism. The word conversion is commonly used but may not give the correct understanding of the process you need to go through to be part of the family and nation.

If you’re interested, read more here.


Our community is still growing! If you wish to support our activities, your help will be greatly appreciated :)

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